Student Features

EduTyping, Jr. and Secondary Curriculums

EduTyping, Jr. EduTyping, Jr. curriculum introduces students K-5 using a row-by-row method with high frequency and sight words integrated throughout to reinforce reading comprehension.

EduTyping Secondary curriculum uses a traditional method of touch-typing and includes a series of interactive lessons that integrates updated pop culture content that keeps students interested and engaged.

New! Tech Readiness

Before students begin typing, they can use the Tech Readiness lessons to learn all about computers, cyber citizenship, and proper typing posture & technique.

New! Instant Feedback and Rewards

Students are motivated as they earn stars and badges as their typing progress and skills increase. Typing progress is always visible from the dashboard, typing screen, and the My Progress page.

New! Colorful, Themed Skins

Students can choose from six different skins that instantly update the color, graphics and theme of their screens. From 'Superhero' to 'Under the Sea,' the look and feel of EduTyping can be customized and made fun, while still maintaining the same structured learning format.


EduTyping includes a variety of typing games that allow students to take a break from their lessons while still reinforcing their keyboarding skills.

Certificate of Completion

Print auto-populated certificates of completion for students to culminate the completion of the EduTyping course.

Compatible with All Devices

Fully HTML5 compatible, EduTyping can be used on all devices including iPads, Chromebooks and other tablets.

Updated News & Practice Lessons

Students practice typing news articles that are making headlines relevant to secondary and elementary levels. For example, topics such the Superbowl and Kids' Choice Awards let students type, while reading about topics that interest them.

Assessments (Timed Tests)

Measure student progress using a variety of timed typing tests.