Introducing the New EduTyping Version 4

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Awesome New Design

A brand new, sleek, updated design and format for both the Jr. and Secondary (formerly called “Standard”) editions.

Totally Updated Curriculum

Both the Jr. and Secondary curriculums have been revised and improved for maximum engagement, learning, and interactivity.

Tech Readiness Unit

Before students begin typing, they can use the Tech Readiness lessons to learn all about computers, cyber citizenship, and proper typing posture and technique.

Single Sign-on & Classroom Roster Syncing

We now fully support synchronization with your SIS (Student Information System), allowing for daily roster updates and the ability for students and teachers to use their school-assigned usernames and passwords to log in to EduTyping.

Interactive New Lessons

The typing screen interface are now embedded into traditional lessons. For example, there are new “falling letters” and “speed repeats.”

Rewards-based System

Students are motivated as they earn stars and badges as their typing progress and skills increase.

Colorful, Themed Skins

Students can choose from six different skins that instantly update the color, graphics, and theme of their screens. From 'superheroes' to 'Under the Sea,' the look and feel of EduTyping can be customized and made fun, while still maintaining the same structured learning format.

Real-time Student Monitor

Gone are the days of wondering what your students are doing behind their screens. With our new real-time student monitor, you can view individual student typing progress in the instructor portal.

Shared Custom Lessons & Timed Tests

Lessons and timed typing can be created and then shared within schools and districts, making cross-curriculum initiatives easy and flexible.

Custom Timed Assessment Tests

Teachers now have the ability to create their own timed assessment tests.

Upgraded Reports

We’ve added brand new teacher and admin reports, complete with more robust options and filtering.

Compatible With All Devices

Fully HTML5 compatible, EduTyping can be used on all devices, including iPads, Chromebooks, and other tablets.

Class Scoreboard

Create friendly, competitive typing challenges and goals for your students.

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