Existing Users and the New EduTyping Version 4

A brand new version of EduTyping has recently launched. Existing customers now have the option of using the new version of EduTyping or the Classic version.

Please note, however, that teacher and admin profile data (usernames, passwords, etc.) have been added to the new EduTyping Version 4. The first time you log in to the new EduTyping, you will be given the option to automatically import your existing EduTyping Classic classes and student profiles. Student progress and scores will not be imported from EduTyping Classic. However, you will still have access to student scores and progress in EduTyping Classic.

To familiarize yourself with the new EduTyping Version 4, we encourage you to sign up for a Free Trial ».

Please review the FAQs provided below for more details.

Will my student's progress and data be moved to the new EduTyping Version 4?

No. Student progress data cannot be moved from EduTyping Classic to the new EduTyping Version 4. Only user profile information (such as usernames, passwords, etc.) will be added to the new EduTyping Version 4.

Will I still be able to access the old (Classic) version of EduTyping after June 24, 2016 when the new version of EduTyping is accessible from my account?

Yes. You will still be able to access and use the Classic version of EduTyping. All of your student data and progress will be still be available in that version.

How long will the classic version of EduTyping be available?

EduTyping Classic will remain live for as long as you choose to use it. We will continue to provide updates and technical support through July 1, 2017.

Is there an additional cost to using the new EduTyping Version 4?

No. As always, updates and upgrades are included with your annual EduTyping account price.

How do I avoid my students accessing both versions of EduTyping?

You will be given the option to enable or disable student access to EduTyping Classic during the student import process in the new EduTyping Teacher Portal.

EduTyping is a teaching.com product, sold and distributed by B.E Publishing.
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