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Revolutionary Web-based Keyboarding Software

Instructors and students access EduTyping from any location.

  • No software to install or maintain. Upgrades are free and instant.
  • No textbooks, papers, or printers required (saves money).
  • Fully compatible with PC/Mac and all major browsers.

Comprehensive Keyboarding Curriculum

Follows a standard keyboarding curriculum combining rich web-based features.

  • Length of course is fully customizable.
  • Aligned with national keyboarding standards.
  • Includes a wide-range of timed writing tests.
  • Provides immediate WPM and accuracy scores in real time.

Powerful Classroom Management & Grading Tools

Manage students, preferences, and grades from school or home.

  • Enable/disable backspace key, games, and many other features.
  • Access student progress, grades, and reports in real time.
  • Add new classes, students, and teachers on the fly.
  • Optionally assign homework (access from home can be disabled).

Fresh, Engaging Tween/Teen Content & Games

Content is updated frequently with current events and pop-culture themes.

  • Keyboarding lessons are no longer rote and boring.
  • Interesting to type topics include music, sports, and more.
  • Includes a variety of interactive games that reinforce touch-typing.


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