Coming Soon to EduTyping

Student Achievement & Incentive Upgrades

Student progress visualized every step of the way to encourage student achievement.

Dynamic & Personalized Avatars

Personalized avatars “evolve” as students complete lessons, earn progressive stars, and receive milestone badges.

Curriculum Updates

Updated curriculum with new content and more lesson flexibility for managing class and student learning objectives.

Computer Apps Curriculum

The new Computer Apps curriculum helps build students’ keyboarding skills as they learn computer apps essential for school and career success.

EduTyping Blog With Teacher Posts

A new blog section (replacing our popular Teaching Keyboarding eNewsletter) provides access to quality content and resources by providing a place for the EduTyping teaching community to interact, contribute, and benefit from each other’s classroom experiences.

User Experience Enhancements

The new student and teacher dashboards make it easier to navigate content, including beginning and resuming lessons and tracking progress. Each lesson begins with a video introducing students to what they will be learning.

What Teachers & Students Are Saying About EduTyping