About Us

Since 2009, EduTyping has proudly been used by millions of students and thousands of schools to teach students at all grade levels the skill of touch-typing, the foundational skill for all things technology.

Our team is dedicated to bringing schools, teachers and students a product that is engaging, fun, and easy-to-use at all levels. Everyone on the EduTyping team, from programmers and technical support specialists, to our typing curriculum experts and education consultants, all work to achieve one mission: "Make learning how to type a skill that students will use for life!" We also strive to save teachers the one thing they never have enough of...time.

We consider ourselves pioneers when it comes to how students should learn how to type. But, we know that our customers are the lifeline to our products' success. Please let us know how we're doing sending us your feedback to [email protected].


The EduTyping Team