Inside the Student Software

The EduTyping Student Software is like having a comprehensive keyboarding textbook at your fingertips at all times, only better! Beyond the Course Lessons, there's current teen and tween-based content for students to practice typing, a progress tracker, and typing games. Take a look at the chart below to explore all of the features included.

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Features of the Student Software

Features Description
GETTING STARTED A complete tutorial designed for students who are new to EduTyping.
COURSE LESSONS A comprehensive curriculum complete with lessons and timed writings that align with national keyboarding standards.
MY LESSON PROGRESS Provides students with real-time results of their progress including what lessons have been completed, their WPM, and accuracy percentage for each lesson.
MY PROBLEM KEYS Provides students with real-time results of which keys are causing them the most problem(s).
PRACTICE LIBRARY Provides students with interesting articles that are fun to read, type, and are relevant to their age/grade level.
NEWS HEADLINES Allows students to practice typing news articles that are making headlines relevant to teens and tweens.
GAMES EduTyping includes a variety of typing games that allow students to take a break from their lessons while still reinforcing their keyboarding skills.
TYPING TIPS Includes illustrations and information about proper typing posture, techniques, and the importance of maintaining good typing ergonomics at the keyboard.
HELP A comprehensive help guide for students and teachers.